The Dalhousie Lake Association, McDonalds Corners Ontario Canada was formed in 1959 and was incorporated in 1978. The main objective of the Association is to preserve the quality of Dalhousie Lake and the surrounding environment.


Our Mission   

To investigate concerns, disseminate information, provide support for activities deemed important by its members and to act as a representative body on various township and agency committees.


About Dalhousie Lake   

Our clean and beautiful Dalhousie Lake is located in the Township of Lanark Highlands just North of the quaint little hamlet of McDonald's Corners. The Dalhousie Lake watershed area is 1,288 square kilometers that includes the Mississippi River at the inlet of the lake along with seven smaller creeks. The Mississippi River watershed encompasses 4,450 square kilometers starting at the Mazinaw Lake dam through several small lakes including Dalhousie Lake and along the Mississippi River to the outlet at the Ottawa River. The lake is approximately five kilometers long and one kilometer wide and has a surface area of 603.5 ha. The 13.5 kilometers of shoreline provides a variety of natural scenic elements including cliffs, headlands and rock outcrops. The maximum depth is 16.8 meters and the mean depth is 5.2 meters. In the summer, water temperatures usually range from 22 to 23 degrees Celsius at the surface to less that 10 degrees Celsius at the bottom.


Access to the lake is via Lanark County Roads 8 and 12 as well as several roads maintained by the Lanark Highlands Township. Public boat launches are situated at the east end of the lake beside Sylvania Lodge and at the west end of the lake at Centennial Park. If you are looking for a good catch, fishing of Pickerel, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike can be had on any given day .




Upcoming Events


2014 Fish Spawning and Habitat Restoration Project